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we are

Secure your BitCoin transactions now!
Protection & simple

we are

Secure your BitCoin transactions now!
Protection & simple
just 3 steps
that is simple to Protection your BTC
Step 1:
an account
Step 2:
a contract
Step 3:
just take 30 sec!

enter a email to create an account

It only takes seconds to sign up for a free hoaiw account. We just need the basics: who you are and how to reach you. Your identity will remain private.

Create an account now

just take 2 min!

easy to create a contract

Make your payment through our secure service and never have to expose your sensitive personal information to anyone. Create a contract within seconds and wait for a Hoaiw contract ID number and Hoaiw wallet to be assigned to your new contract.

we know 320000 cyber scammers!

just take 1 min!

confirm the results or cancel it to back your BTC

Now, you can transfer your bitcoins to the holding wallet. The other party or parties involved to join the transaction by using the contract ID.Your bitcoins will keep safe in the assigned holding wallet till both parties agree that the terms of sale have been met. Our service allows you to cancel the contract and get your bitcoins refunded.

our characteristics
We charge a small flat escrow fee of 4% percent for each escrow transaction.
Why you need this
Hoaiw should keep your bitcoins secure and protect you from disputes. Secured you on the bitcoin transactions.
Secure transfers keep your transactions secure and safe from fraud when you make bitcoin transations online.
100% responsive
You can always count on us to protect your transactions, wether you are a buyer or hacker.
what we do

About Us

Hoaiw escrow protects buyers from fraudulent by scamming and hackers do not deliver the goods. Likewise, hackers are protected if the buyers turns out to be a scammer and doesn’t do the payment. In the event of such a dispute, the Hoaiw escrow service will terminate the trade till getting agreement; If not do the refund procedure.

hoaiw Escrow is very secure. All data on our platform is secured by high grade encryption. We do not store nor keep your Bitcoin keys or wallets. Your data remains anonymous all the time.

With this ACTS may be Scammers
Requiring Upfront

Most the Scammers ask for upfront again and again before start Hacking. When you do payment, you will loss money.

Asking for tooling cost

Most Scammer ask for the tooling cost , they will fake up an excuse to let you paid for the tooling, such as no tools on hand, need to update and buy a special tool, etc.

Proofs indistinct

They also send you some indistinct photo which you can not read clearly, However most of the proofs are falsified.

Cannot be delivered

The goods cannot be delivered according to the conditions of the acceptance.

Falsified Proofs

They will send you the falsified proofs, such as PS photo or others from internet.

Needing you trust him.

They do his best to persuade you believe him is a professional hacker and pay the upfront without hacking nothing.


Escrow Service Guarantee

Whether you're a seasoned bitcoin expert, or a first-time bitcoin user, Hoaiw delivers the level of service, expertise, and peace-of-mind you need. As part of our service guarantee we cover the first $4,000 USD, or the total value of bitcoins in escrow if less than $4,000 USD.


Our coverage is limited to the escrow bitcoins while they are under our direct control. That is, after we receive escrow bitcoins, until we settle the escrow. We cover against losses arising from:

Theft from our server(s)
Hacking our server(s)
Unauthorized access to our server(s)
Lost or misplaced bitcoins by our system or staff
Any loss of bitcoins arising from our negligence

Exceptions Clause

We are not responsible for the following actions by user out of our control. Including, but not limited to,

Incorrect bitcoin address provided
Incorrect email address provided
Early release of bitcoins initiated by user
Payment to bitcoin addresses in spoofed emails
Any other loss arising from user negligence


If the buyer do not release funds or cancel contract on time, platform will transfer the money to hacker in 7days after the contract deadline.


We do not share your data or information with any 3rd party.

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If you have a question or need support, please send us email.

What do you need to contact us about?
1. I require a email support—Get help with the Hoaiw escrow transaction.
2. I’d like to leave some feedback—Give us a feedback on your experience.
3. I’d like to make a complaint—Give us a feedback on a negative experience you have had with our service.

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